We’re taking action on the climate emergency

We are facing a climate emergency and now more than ever we need to take action. NI Water supports a healthy population, flourishing natural environment and a growing economy, so what can we do to help society address the serious threat that the climate crisis poses?

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The Power of Water

Our Power of Water report is the exciting culmination of three years research and development by NI Water into how it should respond to the climate change crisis and work with others to do so.


Planting 1 million trees

As the second biggest landowner in Northern Ireland, we have ambitious plans to deliver a large‑scale planting programme of one million trees.

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Protecting and restoring peatlands

We are exploring areas within our landholding to restore peatlands which can provide a nature-based solution to climate change.


Playing a pivotal role in doubling Northern Ireland’s renewable generating capacity

We have 3,000 widely‑distributed grid‑connected sites.


Opening a network of Green Fuel Stations to kick‑start our hydrogen economy

With grid connected sites located near all our major towns, these could be used as ‘Green Fuel Stations.’

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Helping to reduce Northern Ireland’s requirement for fossil fuel generated electricity by building more renewables on our land

We can open up our sites and work with partners for more investment in solar, hydro and wind generation.


Providing sources of warmth for District Heating Schemes

Recovering heat that comes from the organic matter at a wastewater works could provide a valuable source of warmth.


Helping the Gas Network remain relevant in a decarbonising world

Supplying green hydrogen from NI Water sites could help the gas network become greener and cleaner.

We can make nearly all of this happen using 3rd party funding, whilst at the same time – lowering costs for water and electricity customers.

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