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Action Taken Against Fire in West Belfast

01 September 2016 15:51

Following a major fire at an industrial site in the Blackstaff Way area on 31 August, NI Water lost no time in taking action to mitigate the potential effect on customers.

An NI Water spokesperson said: ‘‘NI Water was made aware of a significant fire event at an industrial site in Blackstaff Way following a formal request for help from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS).  Experienced staff were immediately deployed to the area to assist in the review of supply arrangements – following consultations, fire service hoses were quickly connected to watermains in the area to enable the fire to be dealt with as quickly as possible.  

‘‘A consequent high demand for water led to a small number of reported incidences of low or no water pressure in the area.  NI Water staff on the ground carried out a rezoning exercise to ensure that all customers remained on supply during this high water usage incident.

‘‘Incidents of this nature show the vital importance of co-operation between agencies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the public.  NI Water is grateful to customers in the area for their patience while this situation was resolved.  We will continue to be on standby to assist colleagues in NIFRS should they require it.

‘‘NI Water would also take this opportunity to remind everyone of the significance of fire hydrants – they are more than just ‘street furniture’, they are there specifically to save lives.  This summer, there have been numerous reported incidents in Belfast of fire hydrants being deliberately damaged - some may see it as ‘harmless fun’ by young people trying to cool off during warm weather, but the reality is that as they play in the water, homes and businesses suffer low or zero water pressure, or in the worst case scenario, it is possible that no water may be available to deal with a fire, potentially putting lives at risk.’’


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