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Avoid a Festive Fatberg this Christmas!

20 December 2021 18:25

Avoid a Festive Fatberg this Christmas! | NI Water News

By now, many people will be starting to think of the Christmas dinner they will enjoy on Saturday – but the cooking of the bird is only half the story.

The Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has joined NI Water in appealing to the public to help us keep the drains clear over this festive period by not putting their turkey FOG (fat/oil/grease) down the kitchen sink. 

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said: “I am joining NI Water in calling for everyone to help keep the drains clear this festive season.

“As fat, oil and grease cools, it solidifies and this can then create blockages in the sewerage system. This often results in raw sewage flooding gardens and homes with devastating effects for you and your neighbours. It also costs NI Water thousands of pounds per year to clear the blockages that occur, so let’s all work together to keep our drains fat free.”

The wastewater drain which runs from each house is only a few inches wide and is only designed for human waste and toilet roll.

David McCullough, Head of Wastewater comments, “Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) from those Christmas roasts is a major problem for us this time of year.

“It is not only FOG from home cooking that can be a problem.  Businesses also risk blocking their own drainage systems, which results in extra costs being incurred in clean-up efforts. These fat blockages can not only result in out of sewer flooding but can also cause odour problems.  Ways to dispose of FOG include fitting a grease trap, using an enzyme dosing system or recycling it.  

Mr McCullough concludes, “NI Water is appealing to the public to help us to keep the drains clear over this festive period and all year round by not putting their FOG down the kitchen sink. Should you be on Santa’s naughty list, a festive fatberg could end up spilling onto your street or worse, back up into your home.

“Everyone has a role to play in keeping the drains clear and fat free this Christmas.”

The best way to dispose of your cooking FOG, once the turkey’s done, is to let it cool and solidify, and then scrape it into the rubbish bin.  You can also pour it into an empty bottle and then take it to a recycling centre.

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