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Don’t let fatbergs spoil your ‘Flippin’ Fun

01 March 2022 17:13

FOG Pancake | NI Water News

Pancake Tuesday may have ‘creped’ up on us all but NI Water is calling on all pancake lovers to ensure that after they flip and toss their pancakes, they don’t pour the remaining Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) down the sink.

It’s one of our favourite days of the year and sweet or savoury may be the great debate of the day but one thing that isn’t up for debate is where to dispose of the remaining FOG. 

It is easy to simply pour the excess FOG down the sink, and think what harm can it do, when in actual fact, it is causing chaos for NI Water with major blockages in the sewer line that could end up in your street.

Gavin McCready, NI Water’s FOG expert appeals to pancake flippers to pay close attention to the disposal of their FOG:

“As fat, oil and grease cools, it solidifies; creating blockages in the sewerage system, which often result in raw sewage flooding gardens and homes.  The effects of this can be devastating for you and your neighbours and costs NI Water thousands of pounds per year to clear the blockages that occur.

“We are therefore appealing to our customers not to pour their FOG from their pancake pans down the sink.”

One way to dispose of FOG is to let it cool and solidify, and then scrape it into the rubbish bin.  The wastewater drain which runs from each house is just 4 inches wide and only designed for human waste and toilet roll.

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