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NI Water Welcomes Marine Litter Strategy

08 July 2013 10:26

NI Water has welcomed the publication of the Department of the Environment’s Marine Litter Strategy, calling it a ‘timely step.’

Everyone knows that Northern Ireland has some truly stunning coastal views, but these are often spoilt by litter and pollution.  As a key stakeholder in maintaining our local coastal beauty, NI Water is keen to work alongside others agencies to ensure that our coasts can be preserved to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Angela Halpenny,  Head of Environmental Regulation at NI Water, says: ‘‘NI Water is happy to see this strategy published by the Department.  It is a timely step in preserving our coasts and beaches for the future, and it supports our ongoing ‘Bag It and Bin It’ campaign, which encourages people not to flush inappropriate items, such as baby wipes, nappies and cotton buds into their sewers, which can all too often make their way onto our beaches and into the sea.  This is not only unsightly to look at, but also damages wildlife habitats.’’  

‘‘NI Water wants to encourage our customers to only flush the ‘3 Ps’ – pee, poo and paper.  Our sewers were not designed to carry household waste and other materials, but unfortunately, we spend almost £2 million every year removing blockages caused by items which should never have been down there in the first place.  The message is simple; if it isn’t pee, poo or paper, bin it, don’t flush it.’’

Our coasts and marine environment are a huge asset to Northern Ireland, and we all have a responsibility to look after them, to maintain the immense natural beauty we are privileged to enjoy here.’’

Items that should be ‘bagged and binned’ are:

•    Sanitary items – towels, tampons, applicators, panty liners, backing strips etc.
•    Disposable nappies, liners and baby wipes
•    All wipes – including baby, bathroom and toilet
•    Kitchen roll and household paper towels
•    Condoms
•    Toilet roll cardboard tubes
•    Cotton buds, cotton wool
•    Razors and toothbrushes
•    Contact lenses
•    Incontinence pads
•    Colostomy bags
•    Bandages and dressings
•    Syringes and needles
•    Medicines

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