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Developer Services Contacts and Escalation Procedure

Contacts and Escalation Procedure

We are always happy to help with any questions or enquires you may have. This may be regarding an existing application with our team or a new enquiry to guide you through the process.

Step 1

Contact Technical Advisor (if known) by telephone on 03458770003 or dedicated Developers Services email (developerservices[AT]niwater[DOT]com)

Step 2

Contact the relevant Team Lead:



Enabling Team
Services: PDE’s and off site requisitions
Lead: Gary Warwick
Email: PreDevelopmentEnquiry[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Development Solutions Team
Services: Impact Assessments (Water & WW)
Lead: Rhonda Hanson
Email: ImpactAssessments[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Infrastructure Planning Team
Services: All Planning Applications & Property Certificates
Lead: Rachel Moffitt
Email: InfrastructurePlanning[AT]niwater[DOT]com
Email: PropertyCertificates[AT]niwater[DOT]com


Connections Approval Team
Services: All Water & Sewer Connections
Lead: Mark Milligan
Email: waterline[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Internal Watermain Reqn Team
Services: Internal Watermain Reqn design and construction and connection, Water Main Diversions
Email: DeveloperServices[AT]niwater[DOT]com


Servicing Team
Services: General Application queries (including Odour Assessment Queries) - Standpipes. Record Requests, Digital & Admin
Lead: David Hart
Email: DeveloperServices[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Wastewater Approvals - A161 Team
Services: Art 161's
East: Susan Taylor
West: Stuart McQueen
Email: DeveloperServices[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Wastewater Approvals - Sewer Diversions & Build Overs Team
Services: Sewer Diversions & Build Over Sewers
Email: DeveloperServices[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Step 3

Contact the Customer engagement lead:


Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Team
Services: Escalated Queries
Leads: Ryan Watty, Siobhan Thompson
Email: CustomerEngagementTeam[AT]niwater[DOT]com

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