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Drought Order 

NI Water has applied for Drought Order measures that will help to protect water supplies during this period of continued dry weather.  The measures include two requests to lessen the amount of water that runs from reservoirs in Spelga and Altnahinch to the local rivers.  The third request is to take water from Blacksprings near Cookstown. 

In consultation with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs , the Company has carried out comprehensive environmental assessments into the potential impact of these proposed orders, which include environmental monitoring and mitigation proposals.

As part of the mitigation proposals NI Water will initiate

  • Daily visual walkovers as flows are reduced/abstractions initiated
  • Visual walk overs every 3 days when the flow is at the agreed level, this position will be kept under continual review and will be dependent on the observations found during the walkovers.

If impacts are observed then appropriate mitigations will be actioned to protect the aquatic environment.

In addition, Drought Order measures will be reviewed every 20 days and NI Water will revert to the licensed compensation flow for at least 5 days on the 20th day of the reduction. This will allow a 5 day recovery period every 20 days for the aquatic environment.

If you require any additional detail in regards to the monitoring and mitigation proposals please contact Conor Courtney at WaterResourcePlanning[AT]niwater[DOT]com.

The Notices of Application and maps of the potential areas affected can be accessed in the links below.

Altnahinch Impounding Reservoir

Spelga Impounding Reservoir

Blacksprings (Cookstown)

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