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Arrange septic tank emptying

NI Water offers a range of discretionary desludging services to customers who have septic tanks, treatment plants and cesspools which receive domestic waste.

We offer two different types of service to customers not connected to mains sewers, one of which should suit your needs:

Option 1- Standard septic tank desludge. Includes removal and treatment of up to 4.5m3 or 990 gallons of sludge within twelve working days.

Option 2 - Domestic treatment plant desludge. Includes removal and treatment of up to 4.5m3 or 990 gallons of sludge within twelve working days. Customers can request one free discretionary empty in any given twelve month period providing our service conditions can be met. Should you require a second empty in the twelve months this will be charged and can be checked by telephoning Waterline or checking our scheme of charges.

How to request a Septic Tank De-sludge

To request a desludge service, you can visit our Self Service Portal

Alternatively, you can telephone us on 03457 440088.

You can also email waterline[AT]niwater[DOT]com to make a request.

(Please note that the Waterline email mailbox is not monitored outside of normal office hours, on public holidays or during weekends. If you need to inform us about a matter that requires immediate attention, please contact us using the telephone number above. Otherwise, we aim to respond to e-mails within 10 working days)

NI Water would remind customers that children and animals should be kept well away from the septic tank before, during and after the desludging process. 

Service Conditions for a Standard Tank Desludge

If our contractor needs to drive a tanker onto your property the access needs to be at least 3.5m wide along the route and clear of obstruction and of a gradient not steeper than 1:15.

Our contractors’ vehicle will require, an all-weather area that can support the weight of an 18 tonne tanker within 30m of the tank.

The all-weather area should not be more than 1.2m above the cover level of the septic tank.

Before emptying a tank, we need unobstructed access between the septic tank and the all-weather area where the tanker will park.

We require safe working conditions around the tank. The septic tank must only receive domestic sewage. The cover/s must be capable of being removed safely by one person.

The tank must be able to be desludged without entering another persons land (written consent is needed otherwise).

If the tank has an electrical supply you must be present to isolate the power prior to desludging.

NI Water reserves the right to refuse the desludging of a septic tank, cesspool or domestic treatment plant if our service conditions are not met. If you cannot fulfil our conditions or are in any doubt, we may be able to offer you a service using different/ additional equipment. If lids are not readily accessible, free from any apparent damage or are seized/locked in position we will not be liable for any damage caused, unless negligence is proven. The maintenance of tanks and connecting pipe work is the responsibility of the householder. Northern Ireland Water is not responsible for clearing blockages in connecting pipework.

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