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Water Aid is a specialist charity which helps some of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia to build safe water supplies and sanitation - the basis of good health. Water Aid was created in 1981 by the people and organisations of the British Water Industry as a British response to the UN Water Decade (1981-1900). It is an independent charity registered with the Charity Commissioners.


How does Water Aid Help ?

Presently there are 734 million people in the world who lack access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion without adequate sanitation.

In the developing world more than 4,000 children a day, one every 20 seconds die from water borne diseases,.

Water Aid works as a partner with the people of Africa and Asia and the helping them to help themselves. It is the local people who take the lead in planning and managing improvements to their water supplies. Water Aid is currently active in 28 countries in the developing world.

All projects use low cost technologies that are easy to operate and maintain with the aim being to keep costs to a minimum. Coupling the provision of safe water supplies with basic sanitation and hygiene training, explaining how to maintain clean water supplies and basic sanitation systems transforms the lives of those who receive these basic services.  


Water Aid and Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water (formerly Water Service) is actively involved as a region supporting the UK effort for Water Aid. These efforts are co-ordinated through a Northern Ireland Committee comprising NIW staff, consultants, trade unions, higher education establishments and professional bodies. NIW has a tremendous commitment to the charity and both the current and previous Chief Executives support the Northern Ireland WaterAid Committee.


How are funds raised ?

Funds are raised in 3 main ways :

  • Give as you earn (Pay Roll Giving) - This provides the core income and basically involves deductions directly from your salary. Any donations made in this way include the amount normally deducted in tax, so for example, a donation of say £5 per month will only cost you approximately £4 - a very effective way to give.
  • Special Events - These would include participation in the Belfast Marathon, Belfast Ball, Contractors Quiz, sponsored walks/climbs, nights at the races, fishing competitions, golf tournaments etc.
  • Individual Donations - These are usually single one-off contributions or bequests from friends of the charity or groups such as Rotary or Lions.

From small beginnings the NI Committee now raises around £70,000 p.a. for Water Aid. If you are interested in getting involved in WaterAid, please email NI Committee Secretary: christine[DOT]mcallister[AT]niwater[DOT]com.

To learn more about Wateraid visit their website at

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