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Our services impact your daily lives in more ways than you might think. If you are looking for ways to conserve water or advice on what to do if you have suffered a flood you will find it here.

NB: The contact number for Waterline contained within the information leaflets has changed from 0845 to 03457 440088

Codes of Practice

Billing & Metering for Non-Domestic Customers

Dealing with Leaks

Our Complaints Procedure

Sewerage Services

Water Supply Services

Works On Private Land


Customer Care Register

Septic Tank, Domestic Treatment Plant and Cesspool Services

Water Coming From a Tap Near You

How Water Wise Are You

Home Water Audit

Advice for Customers Who Have Suffered Flooding

Your Water and Wastewater

Antrim Wastewater Project Know the Facts

Your Water Quality - Everything you need to know

Your guide to our - Water Mains Improvement Programme

Advice on protecting your water pipes in Winter

Stop Drips (Poster)

Flooding Incident Line

Looking After Water in Your Home

Water Fittings Regulations

Planning some Plumbing Work?

Protect your home from bogus callers, blocked pipes & flooding

Disposal of Fats, Oils and Food Waste Best Management Practice for Catering Outlets

Stop and Think : Not Down the Sink (Poster)

Sewerage Programme Rehabilitation

Lead Pipe Replacement & Separation of Supply


If it’s not PEE, POO or PAPER it will block the pipes

Lead in Drinking Water

Biodiversity Statement

Water Efficiency Plan

Save Water With Hippos

Advice on Pesticides for Water Protection

Clabby Wastewater Treatment Works- Reed Beds


Water School Audit

Are You Drinking Enough Water at Work ?

The Amazing Cycle of Water

Silent Valley

Life and times at Silent Valley

If it’s not PEE, POO or PAPER it will block the pipes

Tap Into Health

Reservoir Safety

Fire Hydrant Vandalism


Standpipe Licence Procedures

Trade Effluent Explained

Water Efficiency Advice for Business Customers

Scheme of Charges Document 2024/2025

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