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Customer supply problems associated with Winter Freeze

27 December 2009 11:47

Due to the recent prolonged winter freeze and sub-zero temperatures, Northern Ireland Water is experiencing an increase in the number of burst water mains and increased flows from a number of service reservoirs across the province. High outlet flows are often an indicator of burst watermains in the downstream network.

We are also experiencing an increased demand on outlet flows from a number of service reservoirs. This is partly due to bursts within the water distribution network, but also because some customers are running taps in the belief that this will prevent freezing. NI Water would urge customers not to run taps unnecessarily.

The areas most affected to date have been in the west of the province. However, as the winter thaw gathers momentum, similar problems are occurring across many regions.
NI Water field staff, supported by contractors, are on the ground carrying out repairs and investigating for leakage in the distribution network.
Operational Management Teams are managing the incident from our 2 Regional Offices (Belfast & L’Derry).
Our Customer Relations Centre has received a significant number of calls from customers who have experienced bursts or leaks within their own property and private supply pipe-work. NI Water would like to advise homeowners that they are responsible for the pipe work within their own property. If a pipe does burst within your property we would offer customers the following advice:
1. Turn off the stop tap/valve
2. Try and block the escaping water with thick cloth like towels
3. Open all taps to reduce flooding
4. Call a plumber

Customers are advised to check any vacant or isolated properties and outbuildings for bursts or leaks.
A leaflet with more information for customers can be downloaded from .
All customer queries should be directed to Waterline on 08457 440088.

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