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Frozen Spelga Dam is Not a Playground

12 January 2010 7:55

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) is appealing to members of the public to stay away from the frozen areas of Spelga Dam.

NI Water has received reports of people playing on the ice. What may seem like harmless fun is in actual fact an extremely dangerous activity.

NI Water has placed signage in the area in a bid to warn the public about the dangers they are exposing themselves to. NI Water cannot completely restrict access to the site and therefore is relying on the public to realise that they are putting themselves at serious risk.

Charlie Gallagher, Head of Water Supply at NI Water highlights the dangers:

“People assume the ice is thick enough to play on. However, the ice could be thin in places and as we draw off water for production, the water level will drop away from the ice layer. This combination heightens the risk of someone falling through the ice into the freezing water. If this happened, there is a very real risk of someone drowning. People should be aware, that there has been 2 recent fatalities in Leicestershire, England as a result of the public falling into a frozen lake.

“The public have a responsibility for their own safety. NI Water needs the help and support of the whole community to assist us in maintaining public safety and would appeal to parents to ensure they warn their children about the dangers of playing on frozen lakes.”


All media enquiries to NI Water Press Office on 028 9035 4710 or

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