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£1m Investment For Stewartstown Wastewater Treatment Works Complete

17 August 2010 7:30

(L-R) Neil Brady (NIW), Cllr Michael McIvor, Cllr John McNamee, Ian Cowden, Cllr Pearse McAleer, Michael O’Neill (NI Water), Cllr Samuel Glasgow, and Billy Armstrong MLA | NI Water News
NI Water is pleased to announce the completion of its new £1m upgrade work on the Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) in Stewartstown, County Tyrone. Located on the Castle Farm Road, the upgraded Wastewater Treatment Works and associated improvements will improve the sewerage infrastructure and keep pace with rising demand in an area that has experienced significant growth over the past number of years.

The upgrade work included the design and construction of two new pumping stations within the existing site and the construction of an associated pumping main.

The work will also result in improvements to the Ballinderry River and will ensure that wastewater treatment in Stewartstown complies with all current national and European regulations now and into the future.

The upgrade work at Stewartstown is just one example of the scale of investment required to meet NI Water’s continued goal of improving wastewater services across Northern Ireland, along with safeguarding the environment and improving customer service.

The project was completed in partnership with Graham Construction and RPS Consulting.

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