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NIWater Statement

03 January 2011 17:28

The latest 21st century technology and the local ‘Postie’ have joined NI Water’s efforts as it makes a final push to getting its remaining customers back onto supply.

A police helicopter fitted with the latest thermal imaging technology has been employed to help check trunk mains in remote areas. At the same time the local post office has agreed that its postmen and women who traverse the highways and byways of Northern Ireland each day will report any leakage that they find on their rounds.

A spokesman for NI Water said: “Although the number of customers without supply has fallen again to less than 300; from experience we know that it is those final hard yards which need to be made as we seek to find bursts on our own network but also in customers own pipes.

“As our own operatives are out and about finding and repairing leaks we appreciate the help we are receiving from both the PSNI and the Post Office. It is indicative of the co-operative and co-ordinated response there has been from many different agencies across the public sector.”

“As we seek to get the last remaining customers back on supply this assistance will prove invaluable.”

Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland from the PSNI added: "As part of our inter-agency approach to this issue, we have agreed with Northern Ireland Water that they will identify major areas of concern which the PSNI helicopter will then fly over to ascertain if there are any leaks.

"We have been assisting Northern Ireland Water during the recent crisis and will continue to play our part in helping to restore normal water services to the local community.

"This is another good example of all agencies working together for the benefit of local communities in Northern Ireland."

Paul Corrigan, Director Royal Mail Logistics for Northern Ireland said: “Royal Mail is prepared to support the community it serves in Northern Ireland and NI Water to do what it can to help our customers through this difficult time.”

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