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Metered Connections Data Quality issue

18 May 2011 10:54

As part of an ongoing programme of work to improve data quality, NI Water has identified a legacy issue relating to inaccurate information held by the organisation in regard to the size of supply pipes serving a small minority of metered customers.

Liam Mulholland Head of Customer Services explained; “During the course of this review, a number of inaccuracies in the historical data have been discovered, affecting a small percentage of customers. This is a regrettable situation, and one which we apologise for.

“For some of these customers, there may be no impact on previous billing, however, there are likely to be some customers who have received incorrect bills as a result of the inaccuracies. This could lead to refunds or back payment depending on the circumstances but only affects the standing charge element of customer bills.

“As we work through these inaccuracies, NI Water will contact the customers concerned to discuss the quickest and most appropriate means of addressing the situation.

“This review, conducted by NI Water, is part of ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy of our meter data. This initial review will be complete by autumn 2011.

“Customers can be assured that the accuracy and efficient management of metered customer accounts will continue to be one of our highest priorities,” he added.

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