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NI Water School Art Competition

22 November 2011 14:08

School Art Competition | NI Water News
2012 is an Olympic year; you could be a winner too by entering into the annual NI Water School Art Competition.
The competition, which attracts thousands of entries from schools right across Northern Ireland every year, is themed around ‘Water for Health’ with schools being able to enter under a number of categories.
Anna Marshall, NI Water’s education officer, explains the competition and why water is so important to a young person’s health:
“On average, children should try to drink around 6 glasses of water or fluid every day.

“Special attention needs to be paid to children’s fluid intake as they do not understand the importance of keeping hydrated and have a less sensitive thirst response. In addition, children have a higher surface area to body mass ratio than adults and they are more likely to lose water by evaporation.

“Pupils this year are therefore being asked to draw a poster to tell others why it is important to drink water for good health. The competition is a fun way of making children think about the impact of drinking water on their health.”

The competition is open to all primary school children and includes a special needs category.

First prize is a £250 cash donation for the winning school in each poster category and a goody bag for the winning pupils. The entry deadline is Friday 30th March 2012.

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