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Play Safe, Stay Safe This Half Term

06 February 2012 14:19

Now that half term has arrived, NI Water is sending a ‘play safe’ message to young people, and their parents about the dangers of playing near our treatment works, reservoirs and construction sites.

Hugh Curley, Health & Safety Manager at NI Water, explains:

“Understandably, natural curiosity will draw some children to these sites as they appear to be exciting places to explore. However, despite their appearance as potential playgrounds they can have hidden hazards which, when fooling around at such sites can have dangerous and frightening consequences.

“I would urge all parents to explain to their children to avoid these sites and the unforeseen dangers they may have. The remoteness of some of our sites can also hamper and delay rescue attempts, should such a need arise.

“I am also urging the local community to be vigilant as NI Water is experiencing a growing problem with vandalism at our sites. The damage caused creates major delays in work schemes aimed at providing you, the local community, with this vital service. It also requires additional money and time to first rectify the damage before the work can continue.”

NI Water has some simple steps on how to stay safe:

1. Don’t climb on barriers and fences - They are there to protect you from serious injury and accidents.
2. Stay away from trenches and open manholes - They are dirty, deep and contain dangerous gases.
3. Keep clear of equipment - You may see diggers, lorries, pipes and other equipment, but don’t be tempted to touch or play with it!
4. Obey ‘Danger’ signs - reservoirs and treatment works can be dangerous places, so stay well away.

Hugh continued: “NI Water is spending millions of pounds repairing and replacing water pipes and updating treatment works in order to improve our water systems and ensure the water we provide is of the highest standard. This work may result in necessary construction sites for a period of time and we would ask parents, community representatives and young people to continue to be vigilant at all times, so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable half term.”

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