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Flooding Incidents

22 June 2012 16:07

“Following heavy rainfall across many areas today, NI Water has responded to a small number of out-of-sewer flooding incidents. All incidents so far have been minor localised flooding and our call centre has to date only received 9 jobs from Floodline. Out-of-sewer flooding occurs when heavy rainfall overwhelms the sewage system and floodwater emerges from the sewer manholes.

“Up until 3pm, NI Water had received 63 reports of ‘Blocked Sewers’, 48 reports of ‘External Flooding’ and 5 ‘Internal Flooding’ which are being responded to by staff and contractors.

“Every effort has made to alleviate the flooding in the affected areas as quickly as possible and assist with the clean-up operation.

“Any customers who require further information or who have been affected by flooding should contact Floodline on 0300 2000 100. Any customer affected by out-of-sewer flooding should contact NI Water on 08457 44 00 88.”

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