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UK Water Efficiency Awards winner

08 October 2012 16:16

NI Water recently celebrated success when they were named as winners at the UK Water Efficiency Awards.

The UK Water Efficiency Awards hosted by The Environmental Agency and Waterwise, are a celebration of the achievements of public, private and third sector organisations who are taking responsibility to use water wisely to benefit society and the economy, and protect our natural environment.

As part of NI Water’s on going efficiency drive the company has completed several recent projects to rationalise office accommodation. A number of old stores, workshops and garage buildings have been refurbished, with a specific focus placed upon energy and water efficiency measures.

NI Water was one of five companies recognised for water efficiency projects, and won the ‘Exemplar Project-Northern Ireland’ section. The project involved the conversion of a 600m2 storage shed into office accommodation for 100 staff, which incorporated many water efficiency elements with the primary element being the inclusion of a rainwater harvesting system. This system consists of a 12,000 litre underground storage tank which collects rainwater gathered from the building’s roof. The water is then pumped back into a header tank in the roof space and used for flushing purposes.

David McClean, NI Water and senior project manager for the design and delivery of the project said,

“Any water saving initiative that NI Water can highlight within our own organisation is an important factor in our public awareness campaign to save water wherever possible. Our message to the public is that ‘water is precious’ and projects such as this help us get the message across through leading by example”.

Waterwise board Chairman Alan Alexander said,

“Northern Ireland Water is leading by example through this rainwater harvesting initiative, which is saving significant amounts of water. It is an exemplary project showcasing how proven water-saving technologies may be used to raise employee awareness, and how one modest-scale project is able to spark long-term organisational change.”

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