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NI Water Update on Hosepipe Ban Legislation

11 July 2018 13:30

In response to an exceptionally long and unprecedented spell of hot weather, NI Water put the hosepipe ban in place to protect water supply and to encourage customers to conserve water and not waste it. The public reaction to the hosepipe ban has been fantastic and it is undoubtedly due to the public’s support that NI Water has been able to avert any disruption to customers supply.

NI Water takes its statutory duties and obligations extremely seriously and its primary intention throughout this incident has been to maintain the supply of all customers in Northern Ireland.

As the sole undertaker for the supply of drinking water to the whole of NI, in light of the recent situation where we faced exceptional levels of demand, we believe that we have taken all reasonable steps within the legal framework within which we operate to maintain the drinking water supply to the people of NI.  We would like to thank the vast majority of the public for bearing with us and adhering to the ban which we believe is having a positive impact on demand.  We are keeping the ban under review and will not maintain it for any longer than is absolutely necessary.  Had we not imposed the ban as a proactive precautionary measure there was potential for significant numbers of customers to be adversely affected.

NI Water would refute any suggestions that it has been in breach of legislation in relation to giving notice of its intention to introduce the hosepipe ban. We believe that the Order, Act 116 of 2006 has been interpreted correctly.

NI Water is content that the prohibitions contained within the hosepipe ban notice are in line with Article 116. However, bringing the ban in was about seeking the public’s help in reducing demand; it was not about prosecutions.

By helping conserve water, you are in fact helping yourself, as the ultimate penalty for using water unnecessarily is not a fine but the heightened risk of widespread supply interruptions.


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