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‘Success of the Refillution – one year on’

27 May 2020 16:01

 | NI Water News

NI Water’s campaign to inspire people to ‘Join the Refillution’ is approaching the one year mark with some outstanding success stories. The Refillution campaign is aimed at encouraging everyone to stop buying single use plastic bottles and instead refill a reusable one with tap water. 

Since its launch in May 2019, local Councils have embraced the campaign, some signing up hundreds of local businesses across their area to participate in the campaign.  
Some Councils have provided their staff with reusable bottles and have introduced a Single Use Plastics Policy and Strategy to remove plastic from Council offices; others have installed drinking water fountains in public places for the staff and the public to refill from. 

The Councils have also undertaken several clean-ups across the district, including beach and river cleans, as well as continuing to support community groups to carry out litter clean-ups in their area. 
Angela Halpenny, Northern Ireland Water Head of Environmental Regulation says, “One year on following the launch of Refillution we would like to thank the Councils for their work with us in reducing single use plastic right across their borough. The water industry has a strong focus on the environment and we are committed to tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles and bottle tops, which block up our drains and rivers, and pollute our seas and shorelines. By refilling a reusable bottle, not only do you reduce plastic waste, you are also helping to drive down your carbon footprint.”

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said: “Congratulations to NI Water and the councils for working in partnership to make this campaign such a success. We are very fortunate to have good quality tap water right at our finger tips. Water is a precious resource which is so essential to our health and wellbeing but we need to be responsible. By encouraging “refillution” we can all ensure we have a healthier planet by reducing our plastic use and carbon footprint for future generations.” 

Over the last year 206 primary and secondary schools have signed up to become Refill schools, pledging to reduce the number of single use plastic water bottles in school and encouraging all pupils to refill a reusable bottle with tap water.  NI Water have distributed over 75,000 water bottles to pupils across the country to help schools with their plastic free quest. 
To celebrate the 1-year anniversary, NI Water’s Education team will provide Refill packs to schools when they return for the new term, with the aim of every pupil and teacher in the school continuing to reduce plastic waste and refill a reusable bottle every day.  Pupils can take turns at being the Refill champion in their school and lead the campaign. The pack will also include a pledge page and hints and tips on how to continue the Refillution. If your school would like to become a refill school contact to sign up. 

If you are a business and would like to support the Refillution campaign, contact your relevant Council area to register your interest. For more information, visit 

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