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Antrim residents urged to ‘Bin Wipes’

10 February 2023 9:10

NI Water is calling on residents in Antrim to bin wipes in a bid to prevent blockages in the sewage system and to minimise the impact of waste on the environment. 

It comes after NI Water contractors and staff?? attended Steeple Road in the town on Tuesday evening to clear a blockage caused by inappropriate items in the sewer. 

The team worked into the night to locate and clear the blockage which was caused by a build-up of wipes from nearby developments. A full clean-up and disinfection of the area was also undertaken.

David Harris, from NI Water Wastewater Networks, explained the dangers of flushing inappropriate items down the toilet: “These blockages and subsequent sewage spills could have been prevented. NI Water would like to ask for the public’s assistance by not placing inappropriate items in the toilet, down a drain or into the sewers. Waste Water Treatment Works and sewerage systems are not designed to deal with items such as cotton buds, nappies, sanitary items and wipes which often cause major blockages or end up on our beaches.
“This is also harmful to wildlife and the environment.  Whilst NI Water has a responsibility for the sewerage system, everyone in Northern Ireland can help protect the beaches and environment. The advice is simple - Bin it, don’t flush it.”

A recent survey by Water UK shows that 75 per cent of drain blockages are caused by people flushing wet wipes down the loo.

Around 90 per cent of wet wipes contain some sort of plastic and, unlike toilet paper, don’t break down in our sewers.  This is a costly issue that affects every region across the UK and it is also a leading cause of fatbergs and river and sea pollution.

Every year the UK spends around £100 million clearing an estimated 300,000 fatbergs.  
Items which should NOT be flushed include:
• Nappies and baby wipes
• Cotton buds
• Sanitary towels and tampons
• Panty liners
• Condoms
• Razor Blades


CAPTION:  The wipe blockage which was cleared by NI Water staff in a sewage system at Steeple Road, Antrim.  Residents are urged to bin wipes to prevent future blockages and to minimise the impact of out of sewer flooding on their streets and on the environment.

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