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NI Water Self Service Portal Goes Live!

01 March 2023 16:34

 | NI Water News
NI Water announced today that it has expanded the services available from its Self Service Portal with improved digital features to help its customers and employees. The Portal provides an enhanced customer experience with added functionality of simple to use and environmentally friendly processes.

You can now apply online: 
• If you need a New Connection for water or wastewater to our network
• If you are a builder and need a Sewer Adoption (Article 161)
• If you are a business that needs to discharge trade effluent or a customer with an existing trade effluent consent.

Des Nevin, Director of Customer and Operations at NI Water said, “Customers are at the heart of our business, and we are delighted that we are now providing access to improved online procedures to deliver a multi-channel experience.  

“Working in partnership with local leading industry experts, Codec, we’ve been able to use cutting-edge technology to provide an intuitive online process. We will support new and existing customers as they transition onto our enhanced Self Service Portal and benefit from the optimised and more efficient processes.  This approach will help to reduce waste and is part of our wider plans to help build a faster, cleaner and greener society.  
“Our developers will also see a change in payment requirements which will be highlighted as they work through the online application process. Further key features include the ability to upload and receive documents digitally, make secure payments and sign documents electronically.”

John Molloy, Head of Operations for Business Applications at Codec Ireland said, “Digital transformation isn't just about technology, it's about creating a vision, driving change, and delivering results. Partnerships are the fuel for successful transformations, and our collaboration with NI Water was nothing short of extraordinary. Together, we turned challenges into opportunities and delivered a digital transformation that will benefit users for years to come.”

Des continued, “To help improve the overall functionality we will be monitoring feedback from our customers to deliver service improvements across digital channels.”

The Portal is simple to use, and customers will be supported through the online process by helpful prompts and guidance. Register and apply online at 


For further information, please email


1. Customers will be supported through the online process by helpful prompts and guidance.  In addition, customers can communicate via portal notifications with assessors working on their application.

2. NI Water will be actively promoting customers transitioning onto the Self Service Portal and will provide support throughout the transitional period. NI Water will encourage customers to register and adopt the online functionality. If there are any reasons which would prevent completion of an online submission, support will be available. Please contact us at via our webchat service or give us a call on 0345 877 0003.

3. One area where customers may experience some changes will be around the responsibility for making payments. The new system improves how we identify who our customer is and ensures that it is the customer who pays for the service and receives appropriate VAT invoices. This may mean that a Developer will be our customer and therefore will be required to make payments, rather than an Agent who has been acting on the Developer’s behalf.

4. NI Water will deliver digital functionality for the two highest volume processes within Developer Services (New Connections and Sewer Adoptions (Article 161). A number of lower volume processes will remain paper-based until they are added to the Self Service portal. For example, paper applications are still required for: 

• Build Over Process – A236
• Build Over Record Request 
• Realignment /Diversion of a Public Sewer - A247 
• Realignment /Diversion of a Public Watermain – A247
• Impact Assessments 
• Lead Pipe Replacement – A079 LPR
• Pre-Development Enquiry
• Record Requests
• Separation of Supply – A079 SOS 
• Standpipe Licencing 
• Sewer Requisition/Extension – A154
• Watermain Requisition/Extension – A076

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