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Woodburn North Reservoir

03 October 2023 12:37

NI Water is aware of recent reports of potential algal blooms in the location of Woodburn North Reservoir.

NI Water is confident there is no water quality issue in relation to the drinking water produced by the Water Treatment Works that abstracts water from Woodburn North Reservoir. NI Water monitor water from the water treatment works on a daily basis, to ensure that drinking water supplied to customers meets strict drinking water quality standards.

You can’t tell if an algal bloom in the water is toxic just by looking at it, so it’s best to assume that it is harmful and take the following precautions:-

  • Do not swim in the water, swimming is not permitted in NI Water Reservoirs regardless.
  • Do not swallow the water
  • Avoid contact with the water or algae
  • Do not eat fish caught from the water
  • Pet owners should ensure that their animals do not have access to the water or drink the water.
  • Observe and abide by any warning notices positioned around the water

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