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NI Water Entry Level and ACE Colleagues Learn More about WaterAid

17 November 2023 11:58

 | NI Water News

NI Water’s HR team was delighted to host special WaterAid guests at Antrim Training Centre this week: Dennis Lupenga Voices from the Field Officer based in Malawi, James Kimbiya, Voices from the Field Officer based in Uganda and Erin Cawley - WaterAid’s Senior Water Industry Partnerships Officer, based in Glasgow. 

The WaterAid team were in Belfast for the recent WaterAid NI Ball at the Crowne Plaza, where over £80,000 profit was raised for the charity - the highest total raised at the fundraising ball in recent years.

Entry Level and ACE (Accelerated Craft Electrician Programme) Colleagues as well as LDC staff heard from CEO Sara Venning who is also President of the local WaterAid Northern Ireland Committee, about the importance of WaterAid and the benefits of getting involved in fundraising for the charity.

Dennis Lupenga gave an insightful presentation into life in Malawi and the importance of funds from Northern Ireland – which are making a huge difference to a dedicated “Deliver Life” project, which aims to improve the health of women, girls and children by providing access to clean water, decent sanitation and good hygiene in their communities.

One in ten people worldwide don’t have a reliable source of clean water and James Kimbiya gave a presentation about the challenges in Uganda, particularly in light of climate change.

Erin Cawley from WaterAid gave some examples of fundraising activities taking place with Scottish Water entry level talent and colleagues had an opportunity to sign up to get involved in local fundraising.

Funds raised from the local committee are currently benefitting health centres in the Machinga and Zomba districts of Malawi, where the “Deliver Life” project is based. Within the four healthcare centres in this project, these funds are helping to introduce a variety of facilities such as solar-powered piped water supply systems, inclusive bathrooms and other sanitary facilities. 

The project will specifically benefit:

• 9 Early Childhood Development Centres (nurseries)

• 4 Healthcare Facilities (where women go to give birth)

• and over 40 surrounding communities in Zomba and Machinga - districts in the Southern Region of Malawi.

If you would like to find out more about WaterAid Northern Ireland fundraising events, please email for more information.

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