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Multi Unit Developments & Commercial


The Pre-Planning Process


Pre Development Enquiry

Nominal Fee and response within 20 working days

We will investigate existing network and treatment capacity issues and the anticipated points of connection for water and sewerage services. We will also complete checks for potential odour issues and existing assets within the site boundary that may impede development.

If there are no issues we will confirm this within a letter that you can use to support a planning application.

If there are constraints you will be asked to submitted an Impact Assessment Application for Water, Wastewater or Odour and NIW will work to identify potential solutions.


Impact Assessment

We will aim to have a response to you within 60 working days.

The majority of constraints currently identified are due to wastewater incapacity.

We will assess potential engineering options specific to your development site, including the use of developer-funded solutions and produce a Solutions Engineers Report for your consideration.

If you agree to progress, we will agree a detailed design specific for your Development Site.


Planning Permission

Once the detailed design is agreed, NI Water will support your Planning Application by recommending approval that is conditioned to the delivery of the capacity solution.

Once you have planning permission we will support you with applications to connect to our Water and Wastewater Network.

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