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New Sewer Connection

New Sewer Connection


In order to obtain a new connection to a public sewer you should firstly complete the current application formSC-A163. This application form must be accompanied by a Site Location Plan and Drainage Layout. Site Plan to be1:1250 or 1:2500 Ordnance Survey based map with the preferred point of connection and site boundary clearly indicated in red and relative to an existing feature. Any other land owned by the applicant should be shown with a blue line around its boundaries, and if a public right of way exists within or adjoining the site, it should be outlined in green. If your section of the sewer / lateral drain is going to pass through land(s) not in your ownership, a letter of approval from the landowner(s) must be submitted. 


The steps below summarise the new sewer connection process. Please note failure to follow each of these steps below may result in the delay of your application.

Step 1: Complete the new sewer connection application form and return with the application fee (current fee is noted on the application form). This fee is non-refundable once the Preliminary Survey has been completed.

Step 2: Upon receipt of a completed application NI Water will carry out a preliminary survey.

Step 3: NI Water will issue a decision within 21 calendar days of receipt of your application (including all relevant information), which will state any conditions you will be required to meet. It will also set out the connection fee and any infrastructure charges which may apply. This quotation remains valid for a period of 13 weeks (3 months) from the date issued. If not accepted within this timeframe, the quotation maybe subject to revision, to meet changes in the current Scheme of Charges, or other financial influences within the Company.

Step 4: Provided that you have satisfied the conditions as set out in your approval letter, send a copy of your approval letter and payment to the address below. In the event that you are not making payment for all connections to which the approval letter relates you must clearly mark which connection(s) the payment relates to.

Step 5: After receipt of payment has been received and cleared you must request a date for connection by calling 03457 440088. Please quote your site address and reference number.

Please note:

All multi-unit development sewers, lateral drains and works communicating with a public sewer from the 23rd May 2016 will require an Article161 Agreement before connection can be approved.

Infrastructure charges apply to all connections and are levied to cover the cost incurred in enhancing the local network of mains and sewers to provide extra capacity to be able to cope with a general growth in demand which arises from new development as a whole. If the site has previously been served by a water supply and / or sewer connection, this will be taken into account when applying the infrastructure charges.

Where applicable VAT will be added to all industrial and commercial connections as well as existing properties including conversions. Sewer connection charges for new domestic dwellings will be zero rated for VAT purposes. 

A quotation will be provided for all connections. 

There are other considerations when connecting to the Public Sewerage System as there are three basic types of Sewerage Systems:

  • Foul System 

Foul sewers provide for discharge of wastewater from baths, toilets, wash hand basins and utility room appliances, from domestic properties and trade effluent from industry. Wastewater flows to a wastewater (sewage) disposal works for treatment and disposal.

  •  Surface Water System

Rainwater from roofs, paved areas and roadways drains to a surface water sewer pipe which flows to a stream or river. It is not permitted to discharge foul sewage to a sewer designated for surface water or surface water into a sewer designated for foul sewage.

  • Combined Sewerage System

The practice in older towns was to provide a single system for dealing with foul and surface water run-off. Many of the old town centre combined systems are nearing maximum hydraulic capacity and may only be suitable for connection of foul wastewater only. In circumstances where a surface water sewer is not available the applicant should establish in liaison with DfI Rivers if discharge would be possible to any local watercourses. If this option is not deemed viable the applicant may wish to requisition NI Water to provide a suitable storm outfall sewer by completing the application form SRE-A154. NI Water may allow connection of surface water to a combined sewer on a temporary basis until a separate surface water sewer can be provided.

NI Water policy is that all new development is designed on a separate system with all new drainage systems constructed on foul only and surface water only systems. If you have a Septic Tank, there are certain services that NI Water can provide you with.

  • Private Sewerage Systems

Where a mains sewerage system is not available, domestic sewage may be drained and treated in a private wastewater treatment system. The siting of a septic tank or package treatment plant and permission to discharge effluent must be agreed with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency – Pollution Control Branch.

NI Water provides a septic tank desludging service. If you wish to avail of this facility please contact our Customer Relations Centre.

Charges will be applied in accordance with the Scheme of Charges.


Under the Street Works (NI) Order 1995 a Street Works Licence is required by any person or organisation who wishes to place or retain apparatus in a street (this includes a verge or footpath)

NI Water is a Statutory Undertaker with Statutory rights to carry out such works.

Under our Statutory right NI Water can carry out the full service connection including the excavation and reinstatement, the cost of this service will be included in the quotation. NI Water under the prescribed charges, will make the connection to the public sewer and lay the associated pipework within a street.

Where the public sewer is located in private land or an unadopted road NI Water permits the applicant to complete the connection.

An applicant who provides a Street Works Licence from DfI Roads can carry out the full service connection including the excavation and reinstatement.NI Water will require a CCTV survey of all installed pipework. Following a three month maintenance period the full service connection will be automatically adopted.

Further Information

If you have any further queries or require additional information with regards to connections please contact us on the telephone number below(quoting your reference number, site address and receipt number):

Northern Ireland Water

Customer Relations Centre 

P.O. Box 1026



Telephone: 03457 44 00 88
Email: waterline[AT]niwater[DOT]com

For more information on how NI Water lawfully processes personal data please view our Privacy Notice at;

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