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This page contains all the information needed to obtain a consent to build over a public sewer, to connect to a public sewer, requisition a public sewer or divert a public sewer for your property or development.

Information is also provided on the adoption of new sewers or pumping stations which have been constructed to serve a development.

Each type of activity is in the table below contains short the application form and guidance notes.

It is beneficial to find out at an early stage in the process how your proposed development could be serviced with a water supply, where your drainage system would connect to a foul sewer; surface water systems and is there adequate capacity in the receiving wastewater treatment works (WWTWs).

You will be told if development is within the development limit in proximity to a WWTW, and if the sewer catchment has negative capacity. There may be benefit in having this information before you submit your planning application or even prior to purchasing a proposed site as it may highlight potential issues early in the development process. This information can be obtained by applying for a PDE. For details on how to apply for a PDE, please see

Sewers for Adoption Northern Ireland 1st Edition

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This book is the definitive guide for those planning, designing and constructing sewers and pumping stations for subsequent adoption by Northern Ireland Water under Article 161 of the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) order 2006.

Please note, Northern Ireland Water reserves the right to change, amend and update Guidance Notes and Application Forms on an ongoing basis. It is advisable to check out the current version online prior to making a new application.

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