how to save water

How to save water

Why save water in your business or organisation


Why save water in your business or organisation?

We get plenty of rain in Northern Ireland but this rainwater has to be cleaned at our treatment works before it goes into the taps. So the less water we waste the more cost effective the system is.

We all have a part to play to ensure there's enough water for everyone now and in the future.

In this section you will find tips, advice and simple ways you can save water in the bathroom, kitchen and garden and use our tips and pledges to find out how much water you could save.

Typical business premises, on average, use 50 litres of water per person per day

Use the formula to work out your use per person per day:

No of litres per person per day = Water used as billed (m3) × 1000
No employees × no. days worked

(If you use water in your processes take the volume used in your processes off the water used figure (m3))

Water use in typical business premises:

Toilet flushing 43%
Urinal flushing 20%
Washing 27%
Cleaning 1%
Canteen use 9%

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