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Save Water, Save Money!

15 September 2023 17:10

Save Water Save Money  | NI Water News

Now that everyone is getting into a routine after the summer holidays and students are back to school, it is the perfect time to implement some fresh habits which can save water and money in our homes.

We might think that with the amount of rain we have had this summer there is more water than enough going around. However, as the summer season is now at a close and with the rise of energy costs we are encouraging the public to cut back on shower times - not only to save energy, but also to save money!

There are lots of ways you can encourage your family to save water- from using a timer while brushing your teeth, a shower timer to keep their time limited, and also teaching them about why it is important to conserve water for the environment and to save a bit of extra money around the house. When you start to think how much water you are using each day - washing your hands, cleaning dishes or that mountain of washing - you start to realise just how important water is and the sheer amount we use.

Some water saving tips:

1 Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth - A running tap can use 6 litres of water per minute. Use a timer while brushing your teeth to ensure you don’t waste an extra water too, you can also use a shower timer to avoid extra water being used.

2 Use a bowl for washing vegetables - Then you can reuse this water for plants.

3 Make full use of your washing machine - Half load programmes on washing machines use more than half the water and energy of a full load, so wait until the machine is full before switching it on.

4 Fix leaking taps - A dripping tap can waste more than 60 litres of water per week.

5 Keep a jug of water in the fridge, instead of letting the tap run cold. NI Water recommends water in the fridge needs to be changed every day or used within 24 hours.

If you want to ‘Get Water Fit’ our online water audit can help or take part in water saving challenges and receive your free water saving items including 4 minute shower timer, toothy timers and swell gel bags for the garden.   

NI Water is encouraging customers to sign up to its free text alert service which keeps people updated about anything that may impact on their water supply or any of our other services in the area. Sign up here


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