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Impact Assessment

Single Unit Developments

Application & Guidance

Assessment & Response

  • We will assess your application and provide a detailed response.
  • Our response will identify any potential servicing issues for the proposed single unit.
  • We aim to provide a response within 65 working days.

Next Steps

  • We will work closely with you on your next steps.
  • Our response can help you understand the potential costs and timescales involved in servicing the site.
  • Our response will be valid for 18 months.

Single Unit Impact Assessment (Water & Wastewater)


The Single Unit Impact Assessment application is a referral application following the Pre-Development Enquiry process and needs to be submitted as soon as is practicable and prior to any formal planning submission.

Please complete all sections, in order to avoid delay or return of your application.

NI Water provides an Impact Assessment service to assist you in identifying any possible constraints that may be associated with servicing your proposed site in terms of water and wastewater infrastructure. The Impact Assessment can assist you in understanding the potential costs and timescales involved in servicing a site prior to land acquisition or in advance of the submission of a planning application.

You should only submit a Single Unit Impact Assessment where you have been advised by NI Water through a single unit PDE application response.

Should you wish to take advantage of this service, please complete the Single Unit Impact Assessment application form (SU-IA) and forward with the appropriate fee to the address below.

On receipt of the fixed fee, NI Water will produce a site specific report detailing potential mitigation measure you can undertake to overcome identified capacity constraints to permit you to connect to our infrastructure in areas where capacity is Limited.

The Impact Assessment process does not guarantee the applicant connection to the NI Water/Wastewater network, nor can NI Water commit to specific construction timeframes.

Returning completed forms

Please return completed form(s) by email to:

Email: developerservices[AT]niwater[DOT]com

Developer Services – Servicing Team
Northern Ireland Water
Ballykeel Office
188 Larne Road
Co Antrim BT42 3HA

Telephone: 03458 770 003

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Impact Assessment

We will aim to have a response to you within 65 working days. It may take longer where the identified constraints are complex.

The majority of constraints currently identified are due to wastewater incapacity. There are however some areas where we do have water capacity issues.

We will identify potential engineering options specific to your site to address the wastewater or water needs for your development. In most cases this will involve the use of developer funded and designed solutions. In some cases it may not be possible to find any solution. We will produce a solutions engineering report for your consideration.

If you agree to progress to solution development, we will agree how you develop the options into a site specific option for your Development.

For more information, please visit our Impact Assessment pages.

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