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Drinking water

The water we supply for domestic use or food production must comply with the standards in the Northern Ireland Water Quality Regulations, which incorporate European Union standards and more stringent UK national standards.

Our water quality testing shows that we are continuing to supply high quality water to all our customers across Northern Ireland. In 2019 overall compliance with the drinking water regulations was 99.90%.

To make sure that your water supply is clean and safe, we take thousands of samples for testing.

These samples are taken from our service reservoirs, water treatment works, and taps in customers’ homes. Every year, our laboratories carry out over 110,000 sophisticated tests to ensure quality standards are met. The results of these tests are held on record and can be inspected, free of charge, at our Customer Relations Office. Alternatively you can call us on Waterline 0345 744 0088 and request a free copy of the report that covers your specific area.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) within the Northern Ireland Environment Agency also independently audits these tests and issues a report each year on its findings. DWI ensures that water companies meet more than 50 legal standards for drinking water quality. The standards are strict and generally include wide safety margins. They cover: bacteria; chemicals such as nitrates and pesticides; metals such as lead; and how water looks and tastes.

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