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Non Domestic Charges

All non-domestic customers in Northern Ireland are charged for water. Those non-domestic customers who discharge to the public sewer will also be subject to sewerage charges, and trade effluent charges where applicable.

Who Pays?

Non-domestic charges are payable for any property which is not used exclusively for domestic purposes, including:

  • farms
  • small, medium & large businesses
  • industrial users
  • voluntary organisations, community groups & charities
  • public bodies, including schools and hospitals
  • churches
  • non-household use properties

How will I be charged?

Where a water meter is fitted, measured charges will be payable.

For properties which do not have a water meter fitted, unmeasured charges will be payable.

You will be billed trade effluent charges, if you are consented to discharge liquid waste other than surface water and domestic waste, to our sewer.

For full information on non-domestic water charges please read our Scheme of Charges 2022/23.

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