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Who’s involved in The Water Catchment Partnership?

The Water Catchment Partnership (WCP) was established in 2013 to help address significant water quality issues in Northern Ireland related to pesticides. The Partnership is a working partnership established with the following representatives:

  • NI Water
  • Ulster Farmers Union
  • Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs
  • College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise
  • The Voluntary Initiative

The partnership aims to deliver one message incorporating the ethos from all organisations to effectively tackle the problem of pesticides in the water environment, particlularly in drinking water catchment areas.

The WCP started its campaign to address significant water quality issues in Northern Ireland in 2013. The Partnership has helped farmers and land managers understand the core aspects of handling, applying and disposing of grassland sprays has provided guidance on mechanical control of rushes and has assisted in improving land condition to addressing the underlying causes of the weed infestations through community engagement at events across the Province.

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