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Water, sewerage and trade effluent charges

Unmeasured water and sewerage charges

Unmeasured charges for water and sewerage consist of two elements:

  • a standing charge applied to all unmeasured properties; and
  • a variable charge, based on the property valuation. The property valuation is the Net Annual Valuation assigned to the premises by Land and Property Services. Click here to visit website 

Our Unmeasured Charges for 2023/24 are shown in the table below:

Unmeasured Water

Unmeasured Sewerage

Standing Charge



Variable Charge per each £1,000 Net Annual Value



Charge Cap



Assessed Charges

Where it has not been possible to install a meter, you can request an alternative assessed charge for water and sewerage. The assessed charge has two elements: a standing charge; and a variable charge based on the loading units attributed to the water using appliances on the property.

Our Assessed Charges for 2023/24 are shown in the following table:-

Assessed Water

Assessed Sewerage

Standing Charge



Variable Charge per Loading Unit



You can apply for a domestic allowance against Assessed Charges if you pay business rates.

Unmeasured and Assessed charges are billed once per year for services to be used during the coming year with payment due within 28 days unless agreed otherwise.

For full information on non-domestic charges please read our Scheme of Charges 2023/24.

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