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St. Mary's Pupils Discover Silent Valley

14 April 2010 8:45

Pupils from St Mary’s Primary School will step into the role of history and nature detectives to discover more about the natural and built heritage of Northern Ireland Water’s (NI Water) Silent Valley.

During the study trip to the beauty spot on Wednesday 14th April, the children will learn why the site was chosen to become one of the most important water supplies in Northern Ireland.

NI Water’s Environmental Education Manager, Jane Jackson explains further,

“NI Water places great importance on educating young people in the vital role water plays in our lives. Bringing the children to Silent Valley makes the learning experience much more powerful as all the activity is very ‘hands on’.

“The programme allows children to learn about the history of the site and examine how its structure has influenced the natural landscape of the area. On their exploratory travels children will also have the opportunity to observe the resident wildlife in their natural environment and investigate contrasting habitats and native flora and fauna.

“The programme is a fantastic way for NI Water to work within the local community and educate future generations of water users.”

The site visit is part of NI Water’s educational programme, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 and covers a key element of Northern Ireland’s Primary Curriculum -'World Around Us’, which includes ‘Interdependence’, ‘Place’ and ‘Change Over Time’.

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