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Kitty's Road Pollution Incident

19 October 2010 11:43

NI Water has pleaded guilty to causing a pollution incident in Berry Stream from a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) on Kitty‘s Road on 21 August 2009.

The pollution incident was a result of blockages in the sewer line caused by inappropriate items being dumped down the drain, including a build up of fat, oil and grease and the collapse of the inspection chamber.

A spokesperson for NI Water said:

“NI Water takes its responsibility to the environment extremely seriously. This part of the Kilkeel network suffers from a long history of underinvestment. In addition, the inspection chamber and associated pipework are situated in a gorge which suffers from erosion which has a detrimental effect on the overflow and resulted in the complete collapse of the inspection chamber.

“The Drainage Area Plan for the Kilkeel Network includes works to rationalise flows in this part of the network (including the Kitty’s Road CSO) which represents an investment of £2.8 million by NI Water. The existing overflow where the discharge occurred will be decommissioned as part of this scheme. The sewer in which the blockage occurred will also be replaced, reducing the likelihood of future blockages occurring.

“NI Water, however, is asking for the public’s assistance to help reduce these occurrences by not placing inappropriate items in the toilet, down a drain or into the sewers. Sewerage systems are not designed to deal with the disposal of fat, oil and grease or items such as cotton buds, nappies, sanitary items and wipes. They often cause major blockages such as this one, which can easily be prevented.

“NI Water has a responsibility for the sewerage system, however, everyone in Northern Ireland can help protect the beaches and environment. The advice is simple - Bag it and Bin it, don’t flush it.”

NI Water was fined £700 in total. Throughout the process, NI Water cooperated fully with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

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