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Kilkeel interruption

04 February 2011 13:44

Update 15.10pm

"NI Water can confirm that supply has been restored to most customers in the area, with approximately 50 remaining out of supply.

"Roads affected are: Ballyveaghmore Road, Longstone Road, sections of Old Town Road and Scrogg Road.

"Any customer experiencing difficulties with their water supply outside this affected area should contact Waterline on 08457 440088.

"We are now withdrawing alternative water supplies - except from Old Head Road - and would like to thank those who made sites available to us.

"It is normal after an interruption to supply that water may appear discoloured when it returns. Customers are advised to run the tap for a short while until the water runs clear.

"Customers can contact Waterline on 08457 440088 for further information."

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