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Customer water quality from the Mournes unaffected

05 May 2011 14:39

The water quality for customers is the highest that it has ever been in NI and is subject to regular sampling and testing at the water treatment works and at the taps. NI Water can reassure customers who receive water from the Mournes catchment area that the quality of drinking water produced remains very high and should not be affected by the fires in the catchment area.

The impact of the fires in the Mournes and other parts of NI is a cost issue for NI Water, not a water quality issue. If ash or sediment is washed in to the reservoirs as a result of the fires it will be removed in the treatment process which is designed to deal with this type of event. The additional treatment required will be at an additional cost as NI Water aim to provide consistent high quality drinking water to customers. Customers should not notice any difference in their drinking water quality as a result of this event. NI Water has asked the public to stay away from the Mournes until all the fires are fully out.

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