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NI Water statement on customer bills

17 June 2011 10:41

NI Water is sympathetic to businesses who suffered burst water pipes caused by the severe weather last winter.

NI Water has a responsibility to treat all its customers equally and in a fair and consistent manner. During the freeze/thaw, NI Water strongly encouraged all customers to check their properties for leaks and to repair these promptly. Leaks on private property caused considerable strain to the NI Water supply network. A great deal of time and resources were spent identifying and shutting down these leaks. At one point leaks found on 3 private properties were wasting enough water to supply 10,000 homes.

NI Water also encouraged prompt attendance to leaks because non-domestic customers, including the agricultural sector, are charged for the water supplied to their property and recorded through the meter whether this is used or lost through leaks.

Any customer experiencing difficulties with their bill can phone NI Water’s billing helpline on 08458 770030 to discuss a repayment plan and any concerns they have.

NI Water consults with key stakeholders on a regular basis in relation to changes in billing or policies which may have an impact on customers.

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