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2010 Drinking Water Quality Report

30 June 2011 9:37

NI Water today published its Drinking Water Quality Report for 2010 which shows that customers in Northern Ireland are drinking the best ever quality tap water!

Introducing the report, Trevor Haslett, Interim Chief Executive of NI Water commented:

"The report being published today represents a close collaboration between NI Water, its Regulators and the Health Authorities. During 2010, NI Water carried out more than 227,000 tests on the water supplies to check and assure the water quality.

"The 2010 report shows that ongoing investments in water treatment, storage and watermains have led to the delivery of the best ever drinking water quality to customers. Drinking water compliance has continuously improved over the last four years. Mean Zonal Compliance, measured at customers’ taps, has improved from 99.74% in 2009 to 99.81% in 2010.

"The increase in compliance this year is largely due to the targeted capital investment to upgrade water treatment works and an ongoing Mains Rehabilitation Programme.

Dymphna Gallagher, Head of Quality & Compliance, emphasised that NI Water’s ongoing capital investment programme has delivered improvements in service and quality for customers:

"Whilst we continue to make progress, we are also aware that further challenges lie ahead and that investment must continue in order to maintain this high standard and address the few remaining areas of non-compliance."

NI Water will continue to work closely with economic and environmental regulators, the Consumer Council and other stakeholders throughout our PC10 (Strategic Business Plan) period of investment which runs from 2010-2013.

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