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Reservoir Safety Warning

01 June 2012 16:25

NI Water is putting out a strong message to children and young people to stay away from disused reservoirs and reservoirs that are not open for public access.

As the warm weather continues, the temptation is there for groups of children or young people to take a dip or bring boats onto the water. The NI Water site at Conlig Reservoir on the Old Bangor Road has already had a break-in.

As Jane Jackson, Education Manager at NI Water, explains, there is a very real danger lurking beneath the water:

“Understandably, a reservoir can look like the perfect place to cool down and have some fun with friends. However, below the calm surface lies some very real hidden dangers.

Ӣ Hidden strong undercurrents can drag you under or sweep even the strongest swimmer away from the edge.
Ӣ Weeds and plants can entangle you under the water and prevent you from resurfacing.
Ӣ Reservoir water is very deep and dangerously cold Рparticularly if you have consumed alcohol.
Ӣ Reservoirs can be in isolated places, therefore, it is likely to be too late for help to arrive if you are in trouble.

“We would appeal to parents to explain to their children the dangers of playing in or around these areas.”

NI Water is also urging the local community to be vigilant as the company is experiencing a growing problem of vandalism on sites throughout Northern Ireland.

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