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Cloughy Sewage Pumping Station Telemetry Failure Incident

08 October 2012 16:33

NI Water has been found guilty of failing to maintain its telemetry (alarm) system from Cloughy Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) on 23 May 2010 and 30 May 2010.

A spokesperson for NI Water explained,

“The incidents occurred due to a fault with the telemetry system which monitors the site. Nearby trees had grown to obstruct the signal efficiency from the alarm and issues with the radio license which was required to increase the frequency of the signal were also identified.

“A new pole for the aerial to transmit signals from the station was installed within a week of the first incident and radio licensing issues have been resolved.”

NI Water was fined £2,000 for each offence and co-operated fully with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency throughout the process.

NI Water views the protection of the environment as a major priority and invests significant resources and measures to safeguard it. NI Water is the only public body in Northern Ireland to have earned International ISO 14001 status, an international standardisation awarded on the basis of a company’s environmental management system.

NI Water has invested nearly £500 million over the last three years to bring the sewerage network system and wastewater treatment works up to an acceptable standard. With ongoing investment, we will continue to improve wastewater services for the people of Northern Ireland.

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