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Stop and Think – Not Down the Sink!

15 October 2012 11:23

This picture shows the fat coming out of an automatic screening machine which was left inoperable and damaged by this large ingress of solid fats, oil and grease | NI Water News
NI Water is appealing to the local community in Strabane to consider the effects of pouring fat, oil and grease down the sink, or into a convenient located sewer manhole, following the deliberate disposal of a substantial quantity into the sewerage works last week.

Michael McAlary, Waste Water Services Manager for the Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry areas with NI Water said,

“In the last week we have had severe problems at the local Waste Water Treatment Works following the deliberate disposal of a considerable amount of fats, oil and grease into the sewerage networks. This is a very serious issue and is impacting upon the performance and process of the Strabane Waste Water Treatment Work. When fat, oil and grease solidifies in the sewers it prevents wastewater flowing through the pipes creating blockages, resulting in sewer flooding on to the nearby streets and gardens.

“Fat, oil and grease in its liquid form may not look harmful, but once in the drains causes immeasurable damage to the sewerage networks, pumps, valves, instrumentation and screening equipment. Even when hot water or soap is poured down the sink along with fats, oil and grease, damage will still occur to NI Water equipment.

“The deliberate disposal of fats, oils and grease into the sewerage networks impacts on resources that could be better used to improve services to the local community. In the last week we have spent over three and a half thousand pounds repairing faults caused by this premeditated and planned disposal of fats, oils and grease into the networks sewerage.

“We can all play a part in maintaining the sewerage infrastructure from restaurants, pubs and hotels right through to home owners and industrial outlets.”

One way to dispose of fat, oil and grease is to let it cool and solidify, and then scrape it into the rubbish bin, or alternatively it can be poured into a suitable container and taken to a Council Recycling Centre. Plates, pots, trays and utensils should be scraped and dry wiped before washing.

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