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NI Water to keep charge increases below inflation for 2017/18

26 March 2017 11:00

NI Water has announced non-domestic water and sewerage charge increases are again being held below the rate of inflation. The average increase of 1.65% means customers will still be paying 12% less, in real terms, for their water and sewerage services than they did five years ago.



NI Water Director of Finance & Regulation, Ronan Larkin said:


“The amount by which NI Water can increase customer tariffs is determined by the Utility Regulator, and indeed we could have increased tariffs by up to 2.56%, on average, in 2017/18. However, we believe our decision strikes a balance between generating sufficient income to allow us to continue delivering what matters for everyone who uses our services and minimising impact on non-domestic and business customers”.


“NI Water was able to hold water and sewerage tariffs with no increase in the last financial year; however since then inflation has risen steadily, creating pressure on our operating cost base. We have however been able to ensure that not all of this inflationary pressure has been passed on to our customers”.


“We have worked closely with the Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland (UREGNI) and with the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI) to ensure that any increase remains as low as possible, and continues to represent good value for money for our customers – on average, non-domestic customers will still be paying 12% less for water and sewerage services than they were in 2012/13, when inflation is taken into account.


 “This announcement will hopefully be welcome news for local businesses. This means, taking into account inflation, our non-domestic customers are paying 12% less, on average, for their water and sewerage services than they did five years ago.”



Leaflets will be mailed to non-domestic customers to notify them of the forthcoming pricing changes and specifically, how they will be applied.   Anyone with questions about the Scheme of Charges can phone our Billing Enquiries Team on 03458 770030.


NI Water is required to annually review the charges levied for water and sewerage services and agree them with the Utility Regulator in order that customers pay the fairest rate for the water and sewerage services they receive. The new charges, to be reflected in bills from April, follow the Utility Regulator’s decision on the prices NI Water should charge customers between 2015-21.


The full Scheme of Charges is available on NI Water’s website at


This also outlines changes for measured (customers with a meter) and unmeasured (customers without meters) charges.


Advertisements outlining the changes are also being carried in daily newspapers. 


For further information, customers can contact NI Water’s Billing Enquiries team on 0345 877 0030 or online at




For media enquiries, please contact NI Water Press Office on 028 90 354710 or email


Notes to editors



  • This ‘real term’ reduction has been possible because of the significant sustainable cost efficiencies which are being delivered by NI Water over the PC15 period.


  • Due to the continuing deferment of domestic charges, unmeasured customers will continue to be billed at 50% for both water and sewerage, with the total charge for water capped at £438 and sewerage at £465.  The domestic allowance is retained for measured customers.


  • In 2017/18 NI Water will invest over £150m in our water and wastewater infrastructure, ensuring continued improvement in the quality of service we provide to our customers.


  • Non-domestic customers include: small, medium and large businesses, farms, industrial users, voluntary organisations and charities, public bodies, churches and non-household use properties.


  • Measured customers are charged for water and sewerage based on a meter reading.


  • Unmeasured customers are charged based on the Net Annual Value of their premises.


  • Customers will only be charged for the services that they receive. Premises not connected to the public sewer will not be charged for sewerage.

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