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NI Water announces non domestic water and sewerage charges for 2018/19

22 March 2018 0:01

NI Water has announced that from 1st April 2018, non-domestic water and sewerage charges will rise by 3.35% on average. This increase is below current inflation (3.6%, RPI February 2018) and less than the maximum allowed increase.


NI Water Director of Finance & Regulation, Ronan Larkin said:


“The amount by which NI Water can increase customer tariffs is determined by the Utility Regulator, and we had the option to increase tariffs by up to 4.6%, on average, in 2018/19. The decision to limit the increase, was in part due to the additional sustainable cost savings which NI Water has secured.


“In limiting the increase in this way, we have sought to strike a balance between our need to generate sufficient income to allow us to continue delivering our services and minimising impact on business customers.


NI Water, like other businesses, has been impacted by rising electricity costs and other cost increases outside our control. Whilst the cost of providing water and sewerage services to our customers has risen, we have been able to absorb some of these and minimise the increase in our tariffs.


“We have worked closely with the Utility Regulator and with the Consumer Council to ensure that any increase remains as low as possible, and continues to represent good value for money.


This rise coupled with our decision to limit rises in the previous two years, means businesses will still be paying less, in real terms, for their water and sewerage services than they did at the start of our Price Control 2015 period.”


Leaflets will be mailed to non-domestic customers to notify them of the forthcoming pricing changes and specifically, how they will be applied.  


Anyone with questions about the Scheme of Charges can phone our Billing Enquiries Team on 03458 770030. The full Scheme of Charges is available below

Advertisements outlining the changes are also being carried in daily newspapers. 





For media enquiries, please contact NI Water Press Office email

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