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‘Swanning’ Around the Dam

16 May 2018 12:25

NI Water’s North Woodburn Reservoir is a much loved place for walkers and joggers alike but this week it wasn’t just the usual people ‘swanning’ around the Dam but actual swans.


Over the last few weeks, there have been some instances of swans sliding over the overflow weir at the Reservoir and becoming stuck.


Area manager, Maynard Cousley comments, “We are delighted to welcome swans to the Reservoir, but, like all our visitors, we want to keep them safe while they are there.  NI Water has erected a chain type barrier across the overflow weir to stop the swans from sliding down and becoming trapped. 


“This is a timely reminder to everyone that reservoirs can be dangerous places, even our local wildlife can sometimes be caught out! 


“Reservoirs can be much colder than they look and there are strong undercurrents which can trouble even the most confident of swimmers – ask the swans!!   Therefore, they are not safe for people to swim in. 


“Hopefully the chain will allow the swans to enjoy the Reservoir while also keeping safe at the same.”


Please see our website or further information on water safety. 


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