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Taste and Odour at Ballinress WTW

31 August 2018 14:25

“NI Water are aware of and apologise for problems that may be affecting some customers served by the Ballinress Water Treatment Works.

“NI Water would like to make it clear that this issue is not related to any spillage in the River Bann. The River Bann is only one of the sources which replenishes Ballinrees raw water reservoir. The unusual taste and/or odour, which has been described as earthy or musty being experienced by some customers during is related to higher than usual levels of naturally occurring algae in the raw water feeding the water treatment works. High levels of algae result from prolonged warm weather, as we have had this summer.

“NI Water has stepped up operational activities and has a team working to reduce the impact on the final water leaving the Works. We have also carried out testing of the water supply and can reassure customers that there is no risk to their health. While the remedial action being taken has resolved the issue at the plant, the odour and taste issues may continue for a number of days within the distribution network.”  


All media queries to the NI Water press office on 028 9035 4757 or via email to

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