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New Year’s ‘Resolutions for 2020? Join NI Water’s ‘Refillution.’

02 January 2020 14:01

 | NI Water News

Now that Christmas is over, it’s that time of year again when we start to think of the year ahead. Maybe there are changes we could make to improve our lives and the lives of those around us? Here are a few tips on resolutions that will certainly improve your life and the environment you live in, unlike giving up chocolate for good, they are realistic enough to be able to stick to!

Join NI Water’s ‘Refillution’ campaign

In June 2019, NI Water launched its Refillution campaign, making a firm commitment to tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles which block up our rivers and drains, and pollute our seas.

Angela Halpenny, Northern Ireland Water Head of Environmental Regulation says, “The water industry has a strong focus on the environment and we are committed to tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles which block up our rivers and drains, and pollute our seas. By switching to a reusable bottle, people can help turn the tide in helping to reduce plastic waste.”

Northern Ireland uses 145 million single use plastic bottles every year. Across the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person now using 150 plastic water bottles every year – that’s more than 3 a week. Many are discarded, and end up polluting our rivers and seas. Staggeringly if just 1 in 10 refilled just once a week, we would save around 340 million plastic bottles a year.

Drink More Water

Drinking a little more water every day really can have positive results. Water helps to increase concentration and improve memory. It also reduces the risk of cramps and tiredness, helps with healthy skin, bones, hair and nails as well as providing extra energy. Water is a basic nutrient of the body and is essential for survival.  It is essential to keep your body well hydrated, flush toxins from your system whilst retaining vital vitamins and minerals.  Water forms a major part of our blood (approximately 82%), lubricates joints, eyes, aids digestion and helps you look better by keeping skin smooth.

Dymphna Gallagher, Northern Ireland Water Head of Drinking Water Regulations says, “We take thousands of samples of water for testing every week, to ensure our tap water is clean and safe. Our drinking water is fresh and pure and we want everyone to benefit from it. Tap water is sugar and fat free and contains no calories. The advice from the Public Health Agency (PHA) is that we should drink 6-8 glasses a day to stay healthy and hydrated.”

Protect the Environment

Figures from a Marine Litter report (2018), conducted by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, have revealed that 78% of litter collected on Northern Ireland’s beaches was plastic. Plastic is one of the few materials which never degrades completely in the natural environment; instead it breaks down into smaller pieces over a very long period of time.

So how can you help to reduce single use plastic bottles, keep yourself healthy by drinking more water and protect the environment?

Take the Pledge and Join NI Water’s ‘Refillution’ campaign

Always refill from the tap
Always use a reusable bottle
Remember to carry a reusable bottle with you

Tell your friends about #Refillution
Share your involvement on social media using the hashtags #Jointherefillution #Refillution @JoinRefillution @niwnews
With our world class drinking water, staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste is a win-win for everyone.

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For further information, please contact NI Water press office on 02890354710 or email

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