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NI Water’s Appeal to Check Vacant Premises for Frozen Pipes

11 January 2021 16:16

 | NI Water News

Over recent days temperatures have fallen below zero degrees and burst pipes are on the increase. NI Water would therefore ask the public to check pipework within their own property and particularly with vacant buildings.  With many offices left vacant and empty student accommodation, NI Water is asking those responsible to please check their premises as soon as possible for frozen or burst pipes.  

We are also asking customers to refrain from running taps and would encourage farmers to check drinking troughs for leaks. 

burst pipe

Unlike previous years, when buildings and businesses would have been occupied in the lead up to Winter, the risk of frozen pipes will be exacerbated as, due to Coronavirus measures, many premises have not been occupied for long periods and will have no build-up of residual heat to protect pipes.

On a wider scale, the impact of thousands of litres of water pouring out of burst water pipes can put a huge strain on the distribution network.  The Covid-19 crisis has shone a light directly on how vital clean water and sanitation are to everyone.  Our staff are continuing to work, fixing burst watermains no matter the time or temperature.  However, the public has an important role to play.  
Visit for further advice on how to protect your property this winter.  

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Top Photo Caption - Spelga Reservoir in Co Down showing the effects of recent freezing temperatures, reminding us of the importance of protecting our own water supply against frozen pipes and that of any vacant building.        

Top Photo credit – Aaron Sherry

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